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Sunday, February 23, 2020
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world

United Methodist Women



UMW Minutes - November 20, 2018



The meeting was called to order by Carolyn.  All of us read the UMW Purpose in unison.  Christine read the Devotions sourced from a Channel 128 featuring Joel Osteen.  His topic “The Importance of Laughter", closing the Devotion with Psalm 95. 


Dianne read (from the UMW Prayer Calendar) a piece about abuse, written by Pam Dumer, Deaconess in Worchester,  Ohio.


From the  UMW Response Magazine, Joyce M. informed us of the “Ugly Quilt” ministry founded by Edgewood Methodist, in Tennessee.


Dianne moved for approval of last month’s Minutes;  Donna seconded the motion. All approved.


TREASURER’S REPORT  Joyce M.  cited $1,097.91 balance in account with a remaining gift card balance of  $25.  Lisa offered to find out if we are giving money to the UMM Christmas for Others.  RACSB gifts,  gifts for Homebound and Christmas for Others, will be paid from this account.


QUILTER’S REPORT  Donna cited   22 quilts to the Lioness club, plus one each to : Pam, Laura and Becky. This puts the total to 171 year-to-date inclusive of Fellowship Hall curtains and RACSB pillows.


DISTRICT NEWS  A big thank you to Headley, for emailing Weekly UMC  information out. The Advent Prayer Breakfast in Fredricksburg, hosted by Fredericksburg Methodist Church is on Sat., Dec. 01(Headley, Sue C, Nancy H and Karen R will attend).  Margaret is our kitchen person as well as Nancy.  Nov. 18 Thanksbringing Potluck was quite a success.


BUSINESS  Yes to December 1st Christmas Parade Bake Sale in front of Pendleton's Hardware.   The UMM will set up tables at 10am. Lisa to verify space with Bobby.  Food to be brought by at 11am  We still need to locate big sign.     Living Nativity on Sunday, December 16th.  For costumes, characters report in by 4pm to the Fellowship Hall.  Expectations are for a quiet, reverent presentation.   We still need to locate staffs.


The Christmas Party for RACSB is happening  December 14th, Friday, 12 noon. Arlene ordered cups with lids. Carolyn will purchase the paper products.  The head count remains at 25 clients and 6 workers….Wallets were ordered by Arlene and will each have a crisp $1 bill...  Workers will receive a $10 Wawa gift card.  [For party day, Dianne has laser surgery, Arlene accompanies husband for a medical procedure.  Margaret will be in Boone NC.]  Chris moved to order ice cream cake, Nancy seconded that motion.  Maxine will fix punch.  We need 6 Hallmark gift bags for pillows.  Arlene has numerous items from Christmas past.  Joyce M  will get crisp bills and Wawa cards.  Nancy will get gift bags at Dollar Store.  No pictures with Santa Claus this year. Santa  with Mrs. Claus(hopefully) will arrive to greet everyone.


HOMEBOUND  Bobby Pendleton, Bob Scott, Joyce Fairbanks names are deleted from the list leaving 16.  After the RACSB event: we will prepare the cards and poinsettias.   No UMW meeting in December.  December 14th will serve as the meeting. 

January 15, 2019, 10am, pizza will be ordered as this is a planning meeting to set up the 2019 Calendar of Events.


The Courthouse Luminary will be mc’ed Mike Neville, Boy Scouts manage candles and Choirs sing on the front lawn of the Marshall Center ,December 2nd, 4:45pm.


Jeanne then presented the World Thank Offering UMW Program with Maxine  reading from Genesis 28:10=22.  The theme “Sacred Places”  Nancy then read from Luke 1:26-38    We sang Give Thanks at presentation conclusion. Offering  sent to our Rappahannock River District designated for the World Thank Offering.


Move to adjourn from Dianne.  Libby seconded the motion...and we adjourned to tasty refreshments by Donna.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen W Robison





September 2018 Minutes

The Monthly Meeting of Zion UMW was held at 4-Seasons Restaurant at 4-Mile Fork, Spotsylvania, Va. at 6pm September 18, 2018. Our meeting was opened by Lisa Hockman. The UMW Purpose was read by Maxine Hulon. The Devotion --Importance of Community--  was given by President Headley Barnsley. Our UMW Prayer Calendar focus was on Christians in Japan and Sacred Presence written by H.Chang. This was presented by Dianne Williams.

Business Report

We received our Treasurer's Report from Joyce Messer. The 208 Trail Sale profit was $1106.50. There was $200.00 donation(for the Quilters) from the Trustees' sale of hot dogs.  The Community Garden received a $53 gift. Arlene Crislip recalled heartwarming events at the sale. 


  • There have been 147 quilts donated since August, 2018.
  • Arlene Crislip made a motion that UMW would provide cakes for the departure party for the Blalock's and the Martinsen's in October. It was seconded by Donna Lloyd and unanimously approved.
  • The  Living Into Our Purpose Form from our Rappahannock River UMW District was submitted on time, as was the Memorial Service Form for Bonnie Carter and Dale Pendleton.
  • It was good to see Libby Hall and Headley Barnsley, as they are recuperating from medical procedures.
  • Nancy Hicks and Headley B. will be attending UMW District meeting in Colonial Beach on Saturday, September 22.
  • We welcomed Mrs. Berlee Williams, friend of Margaret Rumuly and also our UMW friend. All 14 of us (Lisa H, Dianne W, Joyce M, Arlene C, Donna L, Libby H, Christine B, Maxine H, Sue C, Nancy H, Carolyn M, Headley B, Margaret R, and our dear Mrs. Berlee), enjoyed a good meal and fellowship.

Notes submitted by Nancy Hicks