Zion United Methodist Church
Sunday, February 23, 2020
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world

Food Pantry

From the Pantry Coordinator

    Our Emergency Food Pantry serves neighbors who stop in for a box of food.  There are no questions asked.  We are doing what we can to provide for a very specific need for a neighbor who is experiencing hunger in their household. Over the past few months we have had approximately 1/3 less people stopping in.  We don’t know the reason but because Jesus taught us we’ll always have the poor among us, we must not stop what we’re doing.  We must continue to raise the $5,000+ annually it costs to purchase food from the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank. We must continue to adopt new ideas that will increase efficiency and reduce costs.  We must continue to pray for our hungry neighbors and feed them when we can.  We must grow fresh, healthy produce in our own gardens and share it.

     Please be in prayer for our hunger ministries: the Emergency Food Pantry, the Community Garden, and the 5th Monday Micah Breakfasts.  As you are called please come to the aid of our hungry neighbors.

Respectfully Submitted

Emergency Food Pantry Coordinator