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Sunday, February 23, 2020
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world




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      "The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." 

A Note From Our Pastor

 Christmas Eve was such a memorable experience.  It was not just the music (although I certainly love the music of Christmas), and it was not just the candles (which offered a light in the darkness), but it was how the entire church was filled (with 95 people nonetheless) with all these beaming faces there to celebrate the birth of Christ.  A church, our church, filled with people and all there for the same purpose: to share the love of God.  I want to give thanks for such a wonderful gift.

And let us consider how to provoke one another to love and good deeds, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching.  (Hebrews 10:24-25)





Many people have had questions about E-giving.  Here are the directions for E-giving for first time givers: 

Go to the Zion website (historiczionumc.org).
  1. Click on the E-giving site on the left side of the home page.
  2. Click on first time user.
  3. Follow the prompts to set up password.
  4. Log on and fill in credit card information.  If you with to draw from you checking account, click on the little check.
  5. You can set up automatic payments on the left-hand side of this same page.
  6. When you make a donation, there is a drop-down menu of categories for giving.  If you want something not listed, click “other” and write what you want the donation directed towards in the comment box.  For example, you can identify a special offering for a memorial,
  7. You will be able to return to your account at any time by logging in with your password.

These directions also can be found on the Zion bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.

UMW – Recycle for Mission

 In their ongoing support for mission activities, the UMW ask that the following items be save:

USED INK CARTRIDGES – These cartridges are donated to The Haven, a domestic violence shelter in Warsaw.  The Haven recycles the cartridges to raise funds for the shelter.  A collection box is located in the Fellowship Hall outside of the women’s restroom

CANCELLED STAMPS – The cancelled stamps for UMCOR was started in 1982 by the Virginia UMW.  All cancelled stamps, except bulk mail stamps,  are accepted and foreign stamps are even more valuable.  To save a cancelled stamp, it is important to leave a ¼ inch border around the stamp.  Do not peel the stamp from the envelop.  Leave rows of stamps intact.  For postcards, include the entire card and do not cut the stamp from the card.  The stamps are sold to  a York River District collector and distributor.  The receipts are sent to the Conference Office for distribution to UMCOR.  Store your stamps in a small bag and place them in an envelop outside Sue Chamberlin’s mailbox in the Fellowship Hall, or the stamps can be given directly to Sue.

School Dressing Days

School Dressing Days is sponsoring a fundraiser dinner to be held on Monday night January 21st at Harry’s Ale House located at 5737 Plank Road (Harrison Road Shopping Center).  If you would like to participate, please call Carol Rawls (540-895-9712) or email her (carolrawls@hughes.net) no later than Sunday so you can be added to the list.  Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors.  Carol is making reservations for 6:00 pm for those who would like to sit together. 

School Dressing Days will receive 10% of the total sales between 4-9pm.  You will be able to purchase the Charity Steak Dinner for $9.99, but you can also purchase any other food item off the menu.  Be sure to tell them you are with School Dressing Days.

 Submitted by:  Carol Rawls, SDD Coordinator & Interfaith Council Representative 


Financial Report

 ZION UMC 2018 End of Year Financial Status

The financial posture of ZION UMC is good as of January 2019. We benefited from lower spending during the first 6 months of Pastor Barry’s service. This condition resulted from avoidance of large emergency expenses, rental of the parsonage to reliable tenants, considerable reduction in spending by converting to ¾ time pastor and paying less than full conference apportionments. Zion spent $116,770 in 2018, an increase over the $106867 of 2017. Collections meanwhile were approximately the same ($120,942 in 2017; $121,809 in 2018). Our Budgeted spending for next year is $121081. This is in line with the past years.

       Our challenges for the 2019 year are:

1.      Recent loss of numerous members accounting for expected reduction of giving of approximately $10, 000 per year

2.      Prospect for replacement of two roofs costing more than $20K

3.      Commitment to pay full Conference apportionments of $19,281 ($10 K more than we paid last year)

4.      Looming need to consider replacing 4-5 aging air/heating units

       Positives are:

1.      Parsonage rental  of $1288 per month which will support added flexibility in financial decision making

2.      $37,000 savings which provides  a cushion for responding to our financial challenges

3.      Zion’s record of responding to needs in a generous  manner

I will provide future updates as matters progress.

 Bill Crislip

Financial Director


                                Minutes of Admin. Council Meeting

Held on January 8th, 2019

In Attendance:

Arlene Crislip (Chair); Walter Rawls; Richard Reichert; Bill Crislip; Pastor Barry Blakley; Linda Struebing; Lisa Hockman; Karen Robison; Sue Chamberlin; Carolyn Messer; Betty Carter-Gelfuso; Peggy Bell; Vivien Richardson.

Observers: Libby Hall; Maynard Rumuly

 Arlene brought the meeting to order.

 November Minutes:  Walter motioned the November minutes be approved as written; Lisa seconded; all agreed.



Carolyn has received an email from Joyce at Vakos, enquiring about our intentions for 2019: i.e. Easter Sunrise (Apr 21); Blessing of the Animals (Oct 6); and Living Nativity (Dec 14th, rain-date 15th). 


Walter made a motion that we have Easter Sunrise at the Pavilion. Richard seconded, all agreed.  Motion was carried.


Lisa made a motion to have Blessing of the Animals at 3pm on Oct 6th.  Walter seconded; all agreed.  Motion carried.


Lisa made a motion to ask Joyce (Vakos), to have the Living Nativity on Dec 14th with the rain date being Dec 15th.  Walter seconded, all agreed. Motion carried.



Sue reported a recent youth Sunday School lesson was held via telecommunication.


 Lisa mentioned there had been generous donations of turkeys to Food Pantry clients.  The coat closet at Food Pantry is very successful.  There were 49 clients and 16 volunteers at the recent Micah breakfast.

Libby Hall informed the Council one of the quilters’ projects are the memory quilts for Clark Thomas.


 Peggy didn’t have anything to report.  Arlene complimented the Worship Team on the recent Advent/Christmas decorations.

Lay Leader

Richard reported he’s been supporting various missions at the church.  He had negotiated with local supermarkets for discounted turkeys for Food Pantry and Christmas for Others.


Linda said the Trustees have:

·         Installed new hangers in playground

·         Cleaned up leaves

·         Placed first caulking layer in front of church where it is leaking

·         Lowered flag in memorial times

·         Obtained proposal for new roof for classrooms and Fellowship Hall: start date March 2019. Funds approved by Admin Council and Finance Chair.

·         Parsonage: heater wouldn’t turn off. Two evaluations were given for the problem. System was cleaned, and a part replaced which solved the problem. Free follow-up checks will be conducted. Annual HVAC maintenance checks for parsonage and church will be scheduled.

·         Purchased new copier for office: it scans, prints, and faxes from computer. Also copies 2-sided papers.  Old copier still needs to be discarded.

·         Mortgage company requested copy of insurance renewal for 2019.  Linda wondered if this should be handled by Finance/bookkeeper, but it was decided after discussion that it is the Trustees’ responsibility.



Betty reported the required pastor form has been completed and submitted.  It was agreed Michelle could change her hours to Tues & Thurs 2:30pm-5:30pm. She also said she would work on a Sat. if needed.  Michelle can be contacted at the office during her hours, if anyone needs to convey a message to her at other time, please contact Betty who will pass on the message to her.

 Hunger Ministries

Bill reported Ministries are doing well.  He informed Council members he was in contact with Rex Sappenfield about Rex’s mission in feeding young people.  Rex could get reimbursement for food purchases from a grant.

Bill told us the turkeys had been funded by members of the Thursday Coffee club: Richard; Doug Clark; George Neider; Dick Bundy and Bill.


Karen asked if there was any activity upcoming at Zion UMC which needs to be advertised apart from Homecoming.  Arlene suggested the Homecoming chairperson meet with Karen and Barry to discuss Homecoming advertising.

Treasury and Finance report

Bill distributed an updated “Check Register” spreadsheet for December 2018.

Bill mentioned a Finance meeting was held an hour before Admin. Council at which he said we were in good shape: more finances incoming than outgoing.  He passed round Dec 2018 budget sheets, as well as the draft budget for 2019.  He asked for the draft 2019 budget of $121,081 to be approved, if there were no questions.



Walter motioned to approve the 2019 $121,081 budget as submitted by Bill.  Lisa seconded, all agreed.  Motion carried.

Pastor News

Barry mentioned the grand congregation at Zion UMC on Christmas Eve service.  He thanked the relevant people for decorating the church.  In December he made five home visits and one hospital visit.

 Old Business 

1.   Incorporation of Zion UMC: Walter distributed to the Council an article on incorporation and its’ benefits.  VA UM didn’t provide him with much information on incorporating a church. Both Savannah Baptist and Tappahannock are incorporated.  Walter will be meeting with an attorney on Friday: if you have any questions about incorporation please let him know by Thursday (11th).  The benefit of incorporation is that members of a church cannot be sued – only the church.  Wouldn’t cost much to incorporate.

2.   Website: Comments about our present website included it is difficult or impossible to access it currently.  Upcoming events need to be more prominent and the sidebar should be alphabetized. Photos need to be sorted.

Some AC members had looked at other church websites for ideas.  Lisa had checked various websites up and down the East Coast. There was general discussion on what would be desirable to update our website:  Calendar events, FAQs, banner across the top of the first page with drill down capability for various church functions, maybe sermon ideas, etc.  When the subject of log-ins for members only came up it was said it was more complicated to have both public and private access and more costly.  Website development could cost something like $3,000 with extra for ongoing support.  It was decided we didn’t need an online directory and for such items as minutes of meetings, they could be distributed via google.dot. Barry, Walter and Bill will be meeting on Thursday to discuss how to update our website.  Three vendors will be asked to submit estimates to update our current website and provide ongoing support.

3.   Newsletter procedure:  Barry asked if people could type up a draft of their submission and give to him: doesn’t mind if its hard copy or email.  He works on the newsletter the first full week of each month.

Reminded us that Trustees will inform the congregation if church is open on inclement weather days.

4.   See All the People:  Postponed this month.

5.   Credit cards:  Tabled.

6.   Memorial Fund Policy: Tabled.

                                                New Business

  1.   Campus Christian Community:  Arlene distributed to Council members an email she had received from Mike Cotter about participating in Univ. of Mary Washington’s CCC.  This would be an ongoing commitment.  Barry asked us to give it prayerful consideration.  Arlene requested if we had any ideas to let her know.

 2.   Homecoming Chairperson:  Would like suggestions by next meeting as to who could head Homecoming on April 7th.

 3.   Pictorial directory:  Barry had received communication from Olan Mills saying if we wished to organize a pictorial directory our church is large enough for there to be no charge to the church.  After discussion it was decided not to take the company up on their offer as these directories are often outdated by the time they are available; but it was thought an updated hard copy directory would be desirable.

4.   E-Giving:  Thanks go to Amanda Deshler for the e-giving guide.  It will be incorporated in the next newsletter.

5.   Attendance Pad:  Karen asked us to remember to pass the Attendance Pad at services so we can follow up on any new attendees.


Next Meeting:  February 5th, 2019 at 6pm

(Betty Carter-Gelfuso has kindly offered to record minutes for Feb. meeting as Vivien Richardson will be out of town.)


“We are happy to provide food for anyone in need of help due to the government shut down.  This is not limited to our church family but is also available to those you are aware of in our community.  Please contact Pastor Barry so that he may make arrangements with the food pantry.”




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      "The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." 




A Note From Our Pastor


The Advent Wreath sits on a stand in the sanctuary waiting for the candles to be lit.  Even without the light of the candles, it brings a smile to my face for memories of past Christmases and the promises for the future.  The four candles in the wreath represent hope, love, joy, and peace with the candle in the center being the Christ Candle for purity.  Hope, love, joy, and peace…  Those are the emotions so many associate with Christmas and these are the feelings we seek from our belief in Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life.  It is my prayer that the Spirit of Christmas be with us every day of the year.


For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)








See All The People


The United Methodist Church has had an issue with attendance for a number of years and has tried a number of programs to address this problem.  After a number of attempts, the church recognizes that it cannot program its way back to vitality.  Rather than trying to “fix” the problem, the church has decided to focus more on the mission of the church in making disciples.  In this regard, the church cannot make disciples without being in relationship with people.  See All The People is a disciple-making process that encourages the local church to reach out into our local community for the purpose of sharing the love and grace of God.  Over the next few months, there will be more information about this process with an emphasis on initiating and building relationships.  The goal is to create a lifestyle of intentional discipleship. 




Upcoming Events


The Living Nativity - Sunday, December 15th, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Merchants Square Pavilion at Spotsylvania Courthouse Village





Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – Monday, December 24th, 6:00 p.m.


Please join us on Christmas Eve for a Candlelight Service and the lighting of the Christ Candle.  In addition to the lighting of the candles, the service will include several of the traditional Christmas Hymns associated with the season.


Homecoming – Sunday, April 7th


We are pleased to announce that Rev. Barb Jacobs has agreed to be the guest preacher for Homecoming on Sunday, April 7th.  Plans are being developed to invite many of the former church members back for the celebration.  If you have someone in mind who you would like to invite, please provide the contact information to the church office.


White Poinsettias

In Memory Of


Lelia and James Rawls and

Sara and Troy Watson


Carol and Walter Rawls

Richard and Loretta Estes and

Jim and Mae Williams


Dianne and Bodie Williams

Bonnie Carter

Betty and Lou Gelfuso

Eula Britt

Amanda Deshler

Joe Lloyd

Donna Lloyd

Allan and Dolores Taylor

The Taylor Family

Glenna Swank

The Blakley's

Richard Hagerman

Jeanne Hagerman

Douglas Watson

Headley Barnsley and Sue Chamberlin

Helen and Eugene Clark

Doug Clark

Wade Hulon

Maxine Hulon

Neil Ferraro

Michelle Ferraro Price

Mo Messer and Doreen Messer Phillips


Joyce D. Messer

Sadie Peck

George, Lisa and Mitchell Hockman

Marvin Hall, Sr.

Libby Hall

Kenneth Deavers

Dorthy and Lester Reichert


Amy and Richard Deaver

Irvine Watkins and Debbie Bigelow

Linda Struebing

Jordan and Irma Jasper

Karen Robison

Jan Wilhelmsen

Karen Robison

Our Children and Grandchildren

Jim and Constance Stepahin

Melanie Rumuly Worth

Maynard and Margaret Rumuly

Liz and Don Johns

Cherie Sweazey

Roger and Mamie Braxton

John Peterson

Margo Weber



Christine and Sam Braxton



                In Honor Of


Zion United Methodist Church

The Blakley's

Malvery Looney

Amy and Richard Reichert

Hazel Hockman

George, Lisa and Mitchell Hockman

John & Mary Adams

Andy and Carolyn Messer

Our Children and Grandchildren

Bill and Arlene Crislip

All Military Veterans

Ken and Kim Ramsey

Mary W. Barnsley

Headley Barnsley and Sue Chamberlin

All of those who have gone

before Us


The Taylor Family

Our Children and Grandchildren

Walter and Carol Rawls

Meta Jasper

Karen Robison

Hans Wilhelmsen

Karen Wilhelmsen Robison

Our Children and Grandchildren

Jim and Constance Stepahin

Hellen and John Rumuly

Pemmie and Cleveland Pursley


Maynard and Margaret Rumuly

Marjorie Peterson

Christine and Sam Braxton



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