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Thursday, April 19, 2018
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world




 September, October  2017                                                                                                                                 E-MAIL: zionumc@historiczionumc.org
      “The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” 

Pastors reflections…
1 Peter 4:10 says: 
Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.

I have been reflecting a lot over these words for the last few weeks.  They are a blessing and a call. 

In my praying over them I brought to mind a picture of the Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent of Bantam United Methodist Church; the one I grew up in and that blew away in a tornado and no longer exists.  Mrs. Florence MacKenzie was her name.  She was a nurse by profession but a teacher and mentor for me in my early church years.   

Teaching was her spiritual gift.  She did it to serve God and the children of Bantam UMC.  She loved that ‘job’.  We say ‘job’ but really it’s a ministry and that is how all of us should think of our spiritual gifts and how we are called to use them.  In knowing her all these years, I see a person who knew and used her spiritual gift of teaching. 

She was an excellent nurse and did that full time for many years.  She received many accolades for her gift of healing in nursing.  She was trained for that.  But God gave her the gift of teaching for serving the Kingdom. 

Call is a key word here.  The gifts come from God.  God gave them to us to serve God and the church.  God calls us to unwrap these gifts and use them for the glory of the Kingdom. 

Every person on the planet has this deep desire to know what their purpose is.  They want to answer the question: “Why am I here?” 

And in Christian circles/churches we recognize that we are here because God brought us here.  We are here to love God as God loves us.  We are called to share that love by using our God given gifts for the manifold grace of God.  God has a gift for each of us.  God calls us to discern what the gift is and how to use it to complete the body of Christ.   It is critical for the kingdom of God here on earth.  It is critical that we use our gift, whatever it is, to create and unite and strengthen the Body of Christ, known as Zion UMC. 

I pray for each of you to discern and know your special gift/gifts and that you will find a way to use that gift for the glory of God and the growing of Zion United Methodist Church.
In Jesus name,
 Pastor Kim
Food Pantry Reports  

     Wow!  A HUGE THANK YOU to Carolyn Messer, the Vitality team and all others who contributed to a very successful 10th Anniversary celebration cookout for our emergency food pantry!  Whether you cooked (Richard–THANK YOU), cleaned, dished up food or visited, it was a joyous occasion largely because so many hands came out to serve!  Thank you all!  
    The garden is supplying summer vegetables and the Pastor’s garden has provided herbs and onions, keeping our food pantry clients in healthy produce!  Some of the young men from the Rappahannock center that help us immensely during food pantry with carrying, cleaning, etc., each month also helped with the produce harvest this month.  One had never seen carrots growing and was amazed at them being in the ground and the green lacy tops!  They expressed interest to their adult chaperones in starting a garden of their own at their facility.  
    Margaret and Maynard will take a well-deserved break from the Community Garden after this year.  If anyone would like to coordinate, please see Laura or Todd Martinsen.  We cannot express in mere words how grateful we are to the Rumulys for all they have put into the garden!  Many have been fed because of their helping hands. 

     We continue to see a steady stream of area clients, serving them food, conversation, information on area resources and prayer on their behalf.  If you have an interest in serving with hunger ministries, we hold pantry the third Thursday of each month–volunteers report at 2 pm. We will also have a fall garden clean-up in a month or two and would be grateful for help with that.  
Todd Martinsen, Food Pantry Coordinator


     The Ronald McDonald House is thrilled to see so many pop tops coming in.  Please continue to save pop tops.  There is a collection basket at the kitchen window.

             Joyce Fairbanks, Coordinator

     Zion UMW---always willing to serve.  On July 10, everyone helped.  We prepared the Fellowship Hall and presented a family meal for Bob Stewart’s family after the funeral of his beloved wife, Diane.  The Food Pantry 10-year Anniversary Party on July 20 was enthusiastically welcomed and enjoyed by clients, servers, greeters, box packers, delivery group, et.al.
   We greet September with the UMW Fundraiser Annual Route 208 Sale Trail and Food Sale on September 9 from 8am-1pm–led by Lisa Hockman (collection details forthcoming).  Bring out those no-longer-needed saved items to participate  and make some yummies to sell. 

     Pastor Kim plans to conduct a Retreat on the  Book of Esther on Saturday, September 16, from 10am-2pm in the Fellowship Hall.
     For our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday September 19, we will enjoy Ladies’ Night Out at Four Seasons Restaurant at 6pm; Carolyn Messer leads Devotions and Joyce Messer coordinates.  September 23 (Saturday-9:30am), our District (now Rappahannock River) will meet at St. Matthias UMC in Stafford for the Annual Meeting.  You are always welcome to join me.
   We hope to have a program on Nutrition (if not, we’ll work on plans for Friday, December. 8, RACSB Party) for the October 17 meeting at 6:30pm.  Dianne Williams leads the meeting and
Donna Lloyd is the note-taker.  Margaret Rumuly shares Devotions and Refreshments will come from Carolyn Messer. Thank you Lord for the precious time to serve you, share joy, love and peace with our neighbors.
Headley Barnsley, Zion UMW President

AUGUST 10-12, 2017
     We had another successful School Dressing Days this year.  Zion came through with flying colors with donations of 71 pairs of socks, 172 pairs of underwear, 4 pair of jeans, 25 backpacks, and 6 toiletries.  That’s a total of 278 items donated.  In addition there was $530 cash donated to the project.  We dressed 1,174 boys and girls this year.  Each child got a shirt, a pair of jeans, a backpack, school supplies, toiletries, and a pair of shoes.

     Thank you, Zion, for your continued support of this mission.  You not only supported through your donations, but also by attending the steak dinner fundraiser.  There were 23 that I know of in attendance.
    I cannot thank the volunteers enough for their time in helping during the event.  Walter and Sam offered their trucks and trailers on Wednesday to carry items from the storage unit to the LDS church where it is held.  Diane and Laura were a huge help hanging the shirts on Thursday.  On Friday and Saturday, Kim, Nancy, Headley, Arlene, and Christine helped the children choose their shirts, or helped to guide the families through the rooms to make their selections.
    There were so many smiles that even as Saturday came to an end and we were all tired, the joy we saw on the children’s faces as well as the parents, made it all worthwhile. 
Carol Rawls, Coordinator
Law Enforcement Appreciation
     On Sunday, September 17, Zion will be showing our appreciation and support for the Spotsylvania Policemen and Law Enforcement Officers.  They do a great job of keeping us safe and we’d like to shower them with some baked goods and food items.  We will be taking the goodies to the Sheriff’s Department on Monday, September 18.  There will be a collection box in the sanctuary on the organ.  We can’t forget the heroic pups of the K-9 Units, so we will be collecting some dog goodies for them as well.  Any questions, please see Pam Blalock.  Thank you for supporting this great cause!     
Below are some items we will need:

Baked Goods – Cookies, Brownies etc (please wrap individually)
Store Bought Cookies (individual packages, if possible)  
Granola Bars
Chips (Individual bags)
Little Debbie Cakes
Candy Bars
Life Savers
Sugar Free Gum
Boxes of Pop Corn (microwavable)
Gator Aid or Power Aid Drinks
Hand Sanitizer (individual size)
Wet Ones 
Dog Treats (Milk Bones or Training Treats)
Sturdy Dog Toys (Balls or Rope Pulls) 
 Mid-Week Prayer Service Continues

     Each Wednesday at 11:30am, Pastor Kim conducts a mid-week prayer service at Butternut and Blue.    We read scriptures for Sunday and  talk about them, then we pray.    All are welcome. 
Blessing of the Animals
     Is coming October 1 at 3 pm at the Market Square Pavilion.  All animals are welcome.  For their safety please make sure they are safely restrained – on leash, or cage, or other means.  Can’t transport your animal?  Then bring a picture and we will say a blessing over them in absentia.  Invite a friend. 
Sunday School News
     Sunday School begins on September 10 at 9:30 am.  All are welcome.
     This fall, lessons in Adult Bible Studies follow the theme “Covenants With God,” and consider the major covenants God made with people on behalf of the earth and the human community.  Beginning with Noah, God promised benevolence toward creation.  God made similar commitments with Abram, Phinehas, and Ezekiel.  Ultimately, the covenant forms the foundation for the coming Messiah and salvation for the world.
     The four lessons in the unit, “Signs of God’s Covenants,” draw from Genesis and Ezekiel.
     The five lessons in the second unit, “Called Into Covenant With God,” are from Genesis, Exodus, 2 Samuel and Nehemiah.
     The final unit, “An Everlasting Covenant” comes from Numbers, 1 Samuel, Jeremiah, Hebrews and 1 Corinthians
     The unconditional divine promises were to maintain a perpetual priesthood, forgive the unfaithful, and establish a new covenant with Israel.  God sealed this covenant of pure grace through Christ as mediator and by writing the Law in the hearts of God’s people.
Maxine Hulon
 Sunday School Superintendent
Retreat on Book of Esther:  For Such a Time As This
     Pastor Kimberly Barker-Brugman will lead us on a retreat on Saturday, September 16 from 10am-2:00pm in the Fellowship Hall,  8700 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22553
  • Read the Book of Esther(any translation),
  • Bring a Bible, journal and pen or pencil …
  • Salad with various toppings will be provided… tea and lemonade will be served.
RSVP to zionumc@historiczionumc.org ; or 540-582-6532 by September 11, 2017.

Workshop for Caregivers
of those with PTSD
     On October 21 from 10-2 pm in our fellowship hall two retired army chaplains will be leading a very special workshop to help those who are caregivers for those with PTSD.  Lunch will be provided.  Please sign up with Pastor Kim or in the office.  More information and flyers are coming soon – save the date and invite a friend.  We will be sharing this information with our police officers when we bring them their special treats. 

Vitality News, September-October
     Your Vitality team has been busy this summer discerning how to make each event as worthwhile as it can be: where Zion touches the most un-churched, where Zion is the most visible and helpful to the community and that we are sharing the love of Christ through relationships.
     I must reiterate that the Holy Spirit is the one that moves His people.  He can and does work through us, planting seeds for Him.  We may never know what our words, our deeds, or our lives will mean to someone down the road.
      As we gave much thought and prayer to our decisions, we have chosen as a team, to stop attending the Stars and Stripes Spectacular as we have felt our impact was not as great in the past years.  We have chosen to support the UMW Bake Sale in a larger way at the Spotsylvania Christmas Parade.
      However, if anyone of you feels drawn to an event and would love to lead, you will have an opportunity to sign up for the event on the Mission Sign Up sheet this fall.
      This fall looks to be an exciting one for Zion’s people.  We will be remembering our law enforcement and first responders with snacks, goodies and homemade treats.  September 17th for our police and October 15th for our first responders.  Thank you for your baking and your giving of treats to let our protectors know that we appreciate them.
      Pastor Kim will be offering blessings over our precious pets and animals that we love so much on Sunday, October 1st. We hope to possibly join with another church to make our event more ecumenical.
      And, of course, we will be hosting our Trunk or Treat event on October 29th.  This has been a well-attended event and you will enjoy the smiles on the children’s faces.  We will need lots of help, so come on out!
      Thank you for your prayers, your time, your hands and your giving as you support Zion’s mission of making relationships with the community and most importantly to share the love of Jesus Christ.
 Carolyn Messer, Chair
Vitality Schedule for 2017 Meetings
September 12       -      6:30pm
October 10           -       6:30pm
November 14       -      10am
December 12       -      10am
Events for 2017
September 9       -     208 Trail Sale, UMW leads
September 17     -     Police Appreciation Day
                                 (Deliver on September 18)
October 1           -     Blessing of the Animals
October 15         -     Firemen Appreciation Day
                                 (Deliver on October 16)
October 29         -     Trunk or Treat, 4-6pm
December 2        -     Spotsylvania Parade and Bake Sale - 1:00 pm
December 17      -     Living Nativity - 5-7pm
Carolyn Messer, Vitality Team

Micah Ministry
     The third Micah Breakfast of 2017, sponsored by Zion United Methodist Church was held on July 31, 2017.  After arriving that morning and finding no power in the VFW kitchen and a couple of forgotten items, we accomplished serving 19 homeless guests and were only 10 minutes behind schedule.  The fellowship with Zion church family; some veterans; a lady who has lived on the streets for 8 years and finally now has a room size home; our friend Randy and other familiar faces and new faces was all a blessing. Thank you for the donated food, money and time to keep this ministry a success in reaching out to the community.
     Our next  breakfast and last one for this year will be on October 30th.
Linda Struebing, Micah Ministry Coordinator

Trustees Report
     Good News: the County has approved our application and we have received a building permit and we can proceed with the setup and completion of the storage building. Thanks to all that have been behind the scenes and jumping through hoops.
     The Trustees' Fall calendar includes  coordinating a cleanup week and a second roof/hvac fundraiser.
     A kind reminder to everyone:  please advise if you have any fundraiser ideas or you may indicate with your giving to dedicate the funds to roof/hvac.
Linda Struebing, Trustees Chair
                 Food for Thought
                  Joyce Fairbanks
     Lately, it seems we’ve had quite a few deaths in our congregation.  In our efforts to be helpful, we often comment “Let me know if there is anything I can do.”
   Although we are sincere in saying this, that statement actually puts the burden of asking for help directly on the grieving person.
   Most people who are grieving do not want to call anyone for help.  They’re not even sure what they want or need.
   The following suggestions may help.
  • Without asking them, go to the post office and buy some stamps.This will help when they feel the need to write thank you notes.Then go for a short visit and drop them off.
  • Everyone always needs bread and milk.When you go to the grocery store, stop by first and ask them if there’s anything you can get for them.
  • If they have lots of company, drop off some paper products, (paper plates, napkins, paper cups etc.) which they can use for company.
  • If you bake something, make 2 and take one to them.You’ll know how long to stay by their appearance and demeanor.
  • Take some fresh flowers by.This often lifts a heavy heart.
  • If you have a good book on Grief, give it to them for as long as they need it. Lots of people who are grieving have trouble reading anything at first.
  • If you stop by and they seem like they really want to talk, be a good listener. You can’t solve their problem so don’t try.Letting them talk, smiling at them, a hug…this is what they really need. Be sensitive to the length of time you stay.I hope some of these suggestions will help.They did for me.
Newsletter Deadline Information
     Please note the newsletter deadlines below:
October 10                  November/December
December 10               January/February
February 10                 March/April
April 10                       May/June
June 10                        July/August
July 10                         September/October
     All information/articles for the newsletters should be submitted to the church office by the dates noted above.  Thanks.
Usher Schedule
September 3       Dale Rauch, Sue Rauch
September 10     Terry Blalock, Jim Craig
September 17     Connie Stepahin, Amanda Deshler
September 24     Glenda Payne, Corey Payne
October 1           Terry Blalock, Jim Craig
October 8           Glenda Payne, Corey Payne
October 15         Tim Alger, Rebecca Alger
October 22         Cherie Sweazey, Dianne Williams
October 29         Dale Rauch, Sue Rauch
Counter  Schedule
September 3       Donna Lloyd, Stacy Payne
September 10     Vivien Richardson, Sue Chamberlin
September 17     Margaret Rumuly, Dianne Williams
September 24     Arlene Crislip, Maynard Rumuly
October 1           Terry Blalock, Walter Rawls
October 8           Bill Crislip, Glenda Payne
October 15         Donna Lloyd, Stacy Payne
October 22         Vivien Richardson, Sue Chamberlin
October 29         Margaret Rumuly, Dianne Williams
Acolyte/Bible Bearer Schedule
September 3      Joshua Alger, Glenda Payne
September 10    Corey Payne, Glenda Payne
September 17    Eva Alger, Glenda Payne
September 24    Corey Payne, Glenda Payne
October 1          Eva Alger, Glenda Payne
October 8          Corey Payne, Glenda Payne
October 15        Joshua Alger, Glenda Payne
October 22        Eva Alger, Glenda Payne
October 29        Corey Payne, Eva Alger      
Nursery Schedule
September 3      Connie Stepahin
September 10    Stacy Payne
September 17    Betty Gelfuso
September 24    Christine Braxton
October 1          Connie Stepahin
October 8          Stacy Payne
October 15        Betty Gelfuso
October 22        Christine Braxton
October 29         Connie Stepahin
Mission and Ministry Calendars
  1        -           RACSB, 10am-12noon
  3        -           Worship, 8:45am, Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am; Worship, 11am
  4        -           LABOR DAY - OFFICE CLOSED; Quilters, 10am-3pm
  6        -           RACSB, 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am; Sale Trail Drop Off 4-6pm;  Choir Snak and Yak 5pm; Choir Rehearsal, 6pm
  7        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm
  8        -           RACSB, 10am-12noon; Sale Trail Drop Off 4-6pm
  9        -           Route Sale Trail and Food Sale, 8am-1pm
10        -           Worship, 8:45am; Sunday School Kickoff 9:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am;  Worship, 11am; Trustees Meeting After Worship
11        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm
12        -           Vitality Meeting, 6:30pm
13        -           RACSB, 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 6pm    
14        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm; Admin Council, 6:30pm
15        -           RACSB, 10am-noon
16        -           UMW Retreat, Esther, 10am-2pm, Fellowship Hall, Pastor Kim
17        -           Worship 8:45am, Sunday School, 9:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am; Worship  Service, 11am--Appreciation for Spotsylvania Policemen and Law Enforcement  Officers
18        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm
19        -           Ladies Night Out, 6:30pm at Four Seasons Restaurant
20        -           RACSB, 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 6pm
21        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm; Food Pantry, 4-6pm
22        -           RACSB, 10am-noon
23        -           UMW District Meeting, 9:30am-12:30pm, St. Matthias UMC
24        -           Worship 8:45am, Sunday School, 9:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am; Worship, 11am; Messy Church, 4-6pm
25        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm
27        -           RACSB, 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service 11:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 6pm
28        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm
29        -           RACSB, 10am-12 noon

  1           -        Worship 8:45 am, Sunday School, 9:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am;                          Worship 11am; Blessing of the Animals, 3pm, Pavilion at Merchant's Square
  2           -        Quilters, 10am-3pm
  4           -        RACSB, 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service at Butternut and Blue, 11:30am;  Choir  Rehearsal, 6pm
  5           -        RACSB, 10:30am-2pm
  6           -        RACSB, 10am-noon
  8           -        Worship 8:45am, Sunday School, 9:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am; Worship,   11am; Trustees Meeting After Worship
  9           -        Quilters, 10am-3pm
10           `        Vitality Meeting, 6:30pm
11           -        RACSB, 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service at Butternut and Blue, 11:30am; Choir  Rehearsal, 6pm
12           -        RACSB, 10:30am-2pm;  Admin Council, 6:30pm
13           -        RACSB, 10am-noon
15           -        Worship 8:45am, Sunday School, 9:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am; Worship,   11am--First Responders Recognized
16           -        Quilters, 10am-3pm
17           -        UMW Meeting 6:30pm
18           -        RACSB, 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service at Butternut and Blue, 11:30am;  Choir  Rehearsal, 6pm
19           -        RACSB, 10:30am-2pm; Food Pantry, 4-6pm
20           -        RACSB, 10am-noon
21           -        10am-2pm, Fellowship Hall, Workshop for Caregivers of those with PTSD
22           -        Worship 8:45am, Sunday School, 9:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am; Worship, 11am
23           -        Quilters, 10am-3pm
25           -        RACSB, 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service at Butternut and Blue, 11:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 6pm
26           -        RACSB, 10:30am-2pm
27           -        RACSB, 10am-noon
29           -        Worship, 8:45am; Sunday School, 9:30am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:30am; Worship,  11am; Messy Church combined with Trunk or Treat, 4-6pm, Zion Parking Lot
30           -        Quilters, 10am-3pm



Zion United Methodist Church · 8700 Courthouse Road · Spotsylvania, Va 22553 · USA









      "The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  " 




     A Note From Our Pastor



Musings about Annual Conference 2017


Dear Zion,


Beloved of God, created by God for the glory of God. 


     Every VA UMC annual conference for 22 years I go and 'sit' and 'receive' except for when I crawled out of bed at 5 in the morning to go and bag sweet potatoes for the local food pantry.    I always bring food for the food pantry drive and kits for conference and the church's offering for the annual conference offering - but thais not the same as 'serving'.    

   I love the preaching, singing, and teaching.    I love the visiting with other pastor and laity friends.    I love browsing the Cokesbury bookstore and all the ministry displays to see what is new and how we are reaching the world for God through camps, Heart Havens, UMC colleges, UMW, UMM, and many other new and innovative ministries.    I love buying Christmas gifts from the 'fair trade' shop.    I love going to meals with different groups to hear how their year has gone and to hear different speakers.    It is a time of filling - up to the brim - with good things - that restores me for ministry.    

   I love going to the clergy session and hearing the new elders take their vows and answer the Bishops questions.    Just like at a wedding, when I inwardly renew my vows to Kevin; at the ordination service I have my call to ministry reaffirmed  as I inwardly renew my vows with the candidates on the stage.    

    But this year was different.    I served as well as received.     I was asked to create and  maintain a room set aside for prayer.    I created safe space through different prayer stations based on the conference theme from Isaiah 43:19 - "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. " 

   There were icons, a tree to 'leaf' with green pipe cleaners that you prayed over, a table for coloring prayers, a table with inspirational books and prayers, a labyrinth, prayer beads, a blue cloth 'stream' you could pin your prayers too, etc.    We had a group of volunteers from the Kindred Project monitor the prayer room, and pray over prayers left for us, and offer communion every morning at 7:30 am.    It was a wonderful way to serve the entire conference community by offering this safe, quiet space to step out of the busyness of conference. 

    I hope to bring you a taste of the prayer room here at Zion some day in July in the fellowship hall - stay tuned for details. 

   I also was asked to help with the service of ordination.    Wow that was really awesome.    I was in the front row as people answering the call to ministry came forth from the audience to dedicate their lives to Christ and serving God through the church.    Simply awesome.    The Spirit was palpable. 

   In this serving and actively participating instead of just 'receiving' I enjoyed conference even more than I normally do.     I tell you I was tired when I returned but it was a good 'tired' balanced by all I received from serving. 

   That is the call upon our lives….  we may seem tired by all the 'stuff' that life requires from us - grocery shopping, job, house cleaning, lawn mowing, etc…but when we serve more than we receive - in the Spirit of God and for the glory of God - I bet you will receive even more….  .     It is part of living that counter cultural Christian life.     


Grace and peace to you, Pastor Kim








Hunger Ministries    

     The Community Garden is burgeoning with seasonal produce!  Feel free to stop down and check it out.    We can use volunteer assistance, especially the Wednesday evening before Zion Emergency Food Pantry, to harvest the produce for distribution.    We are moving out the abundance of spring greens, onions and other items for tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, squash and more onions!  Thank you to Bonnie Carter for buckets we can use to collect the produce in for transport up to the fellowship hall. 

     Todd Martinsen and Doug Clark attended the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank Annual Conference to learn about the local food-challenged population and to see what other hunger ministries are doing to meet that challenge.    Please see one of them if you would like to know more about what was discussed.    While there, our food pantry was recognized for 10 years of service.    We will celebrate this in-house at our July 20th Food Pantry!  Please feel free to stop by and join in, meet some of the clients and help out!  

Laura Martinsen




     The Ronald McDonald House is thrilled to

see so many pop tops coming in.    Please continue to save pop tops.    There is a collection basket at the kitchen window. 


             Joyce Fairbanks, Coordinator



     Happy Summer from Zion UMW.    On May 21 we  presented  the Annual UMW Mission Pin Award to our very dedicated-in-service-to God---the Payne Family (Stacy, Glenda, Corey Payne and David Swindell).    "Thank you for your service, your quiet, steady, usually unknown or noticed service, your willingness to serve in places that are the glue of our church".    (Carolyn Messer from the Presentation).  .  . 

     The June 20 meeting was led by Carolyn Messer and Vivien Richardson's Devotions were read by Sue Chamberlin (Donna L. and Vivien R.   were on vacation).   

     For July, no scheduled UMW Monthly Meeting is planned.    We will assist the UMM and Vitality Team in celebrating on July 20 (Thursday) the Tenth Anniversary of Zion UMC's Food Pantry. 

     On August 15 at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall, Lisa Hockman will lead us and Joyce Messer will take notes.    Christine Braxton will share Devotions and there will be a reading from The UMW Prayer Calendar and Response magazine.    We will discuss and elect UMW Officers for 2018.    Then plan our September 9 (Sat) Route 208 Sale Trail and Bake Sale.   

     We give thanks to God for the warmth of summer and a beautiful growing season and a time to share and give joy, peace, and love to each other.    

Enjoy the Day from Headley Barnsley,

Zion UMW President


j0199727                        FREDCAMP 2017

                       July 2-July 8

               Repairing hearts and homes

          for over a decade!



     Woo-Hoo!!  It's Fred Camp time again!  Fred Camp is a local, non-profit corporation that exists to bring together youth and adult volunteers for one week each year.    Together they live and work in a Christian community, performing critical home repairs and remodeling for low-income individuals and families in our community.    This year Fred Camp 2017 will be held July 2-July 8. 

     The Zion Church family supports this outreach ministry in many ways.    

     These are ways you can help:

·         The Zion family will provide the        evening meal for all campers one day of        camp.   The food will be provided-- we             just need hands to help serve. 

·         Zion will also provide lunches for up to 10 workers at a work site each day of the week Monday-Friday. 


See Dianne Williams if you have any questions. 


Mission Encounter 2017

Friday, July 28  Saturday, July 29, 2017
Bon Air United Methodist Church
1645 Buford Rd., North Chesterfield, VA 23235

Registration will begin at 8am on Friday, and end by 5pm on Saturday.   
The classes this year are:  
Climate Justice
Living as a Covenant Community
The Missionary Conferences of the UMC in the US (Red Bird, Oklahoma & Alaska)
Joined and Held Together: A Children's Study on Missionary Conferences

Contact Gail Sutcliffe, Dean with questions at 703-490-3381



That’s how this event has been described! Although its history began over 70 years ago by the then named Women’s Society of Christian Service, and known as the School of Christian Mission for most of that history, the newly named Mission Encounter is a cooperative event sponsored by the Virginia Conference Missional Ministries Board (formerly the Board of Global Ministry) and the Virginia Conference United Methodist Women This event offers a wonderful opportunity for your WHOLE CONGREGATION to come alive to mission, by participating in an exciting weekend mission education experience.    

If you have every wondered not just how we DO mission, where we are in mission, and most importantly why we are called to LIVE out missional lives as disciples of Jesus Christ, this is the event to attend!     

There are classes for adults where MEN, WOMEN, CLERGY AND LAITY alike come to learn and be involved in mission groups by choosing one class out of three choices- a spiritual growth study, geographical study, or social issue. 


Each study helps us to understand God’s work in our world, and how we are involved as United Methodists.   The whole event is designed to challenge us to be in mission as individuals in our personal life and in the life of our local churches.   Meeting others involved in mission and sharing ideas and mission stories as well as meeting missionaries are highlights of the event.   

Participants are encouraged to share their new knowledge with their local church congregations.   

Mission Studies

2017 Issue Study:

Climate Justice:

Call to Hope and Action

By Pat Watkins

Instructor: Rev.   Dr.   Pat Watkins

This study invites you to understand climate justice, which means setting right our relationships with each other and the earth.   Climate injustice is the result of climate

change.   The study will challenge you to see

what needs to happen for climate justice to

become a reality in the world today.   The church

needs to more powerfully model a way of doing

it differently.   This will entail not just focusing on

the environment, but also asking hard questions

regarding financial profit, a growing economy,

our independent way of thinking and our

understanding of efficiency.   

2017 Spiritual Growth Study: Living as a

Covenant Community

By Evelyn R.   McDonald

Instructors: Rev.   Nancy Robinson,

Rev.   Michelle Kim, Kip Robinson,

Rev.   Dr.   Robert E.   Vaughn, Jr. 

Covenants are found in the Bible from the

moment God created man and woman until

the last page of Revelation.   The 2017 Spiritual

Growth Study examines major covenants

throughout the Bible and what they reveal about

God’s character and eternal love for us.   This

study will enhance your understanding of how

God works with us, in us, and through us.   

As we explore these covenants, we will discover

that covenantal living calls us to acts of mercy and justice, not only with those in our community, but with all—regardless of their social, political, financial, or religious

standing.   Through covenantal living, we are connected to God, others, and the whole creation. 


2017 Geographic Study:

Missionary Conferences of

the United Methodist Church

in the United States

By J.   Ann Craig with special

contributions by Deborah Bass

Instructors: Rev.   Dr.   Glenn Rowley, Deaconess Lisa Nichols, Rev.   Dr.   Stanley Hargraves

The 2017 Geographic Study tells the story of

the three missionary conferences of The United

Methodist Church: Alaska United Methodist

Conference, Red Bird Missionary Conference,

and the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.   

You will learn about the history and how each

conference is founded as well as how they add to the richness of the United Methodist connection in the United States.   The study explores church history alongside U.  S.   history in these regions, our ability to both welcome and marginalize those we consider different from ourselves, and the ways in which the church comes together to welcome and support our sisters and brothers through creative and authentic ministry.   


Joined and Held Together: A Children’s

Study on Missionary Conferences

By Margaret Snider

Instructor: Monica Sprague

This mission study for children dives deep into the wealth of ministry, history, and diversity of the Alaska United Methodist, Oklahoma Indian Missionary, and Red Bird Missionary Conferences.   Children learn what it means to be people of faith from interaction with the people who care for them.   Through discussions, activities, and games, children will experience the power of connection and mutuality of mission that are vital to our identity as United



Schedule & Fees

Mission Encounter is Friday, July 28 &

Saturday, July 29, 2017.   

Registration: 8:00 am - 9:45am Friday

ME will end by 5:00 pm on Saturday.   

Breakfast will be available at the hotel.   

Cost will be $99 for ME for everyone. 

Rooms cost $99 plus taxes & fees and

each attendee must make their own

hotel reservations. 

   There is also a mission project for:  Days for Girls. 



AUGUST 11-12, 2017


     Zion will again participate in the School Dressing Days, sponsored by the Interfaith Council, on Friday and Saturday, August 11 and 12 at the LDS Church at 1710 Bragg Road, Fredericksburg, VA.   

     We had our  SOCKS & “UNDIE” SUNDAY   on Sunday, June 18.    Thank you to everyone who participated. 

     We will continue collecting socks and underwear, soap, deodorant, and backpacks until Sunday, July 23.    I will keep the “SDD Bucket” up front until then. 

      I will place a sign-up sheet on the back table in the sanctuary on July 9 for anyone who is able to volunteer during the event.     Even an hour or two would be much appreciated.   

     I have just learned about a fundraiser being planned  for SDD on Monday, July 24 Harry’s Ale House in Harrison Crossing Shopping Center.     Mark your calendars now.     Maybe we could get a group together for a steak dinner.      I will give you more information when I know more. 

     The SDD committee thanks Zion for all they have done in the past, and I especially thank you for supporting this mission. 


Carol Rawls, Coordinator


Finance and Stewardship



First Sunday Offering The offering we take up at the communion rail on the first Sunday of the month goes towards the food pantry. 


Irish Prayer of Gratitude

You’ve blessed me with friends, and laughter, and fun. 
With rain that’s as soft as the light of the sun. 
You’ve blessed me with stars to brighten each night. 
You’ve given me help to know wrong from right. 
You’ve given me so much.   Please, Lord, give me too, a heart that is always grateful to you. 

Summer giving


Summer is upon us and we are all enjoying great times with family and friends and  rejuvenating vacations etc.    Don’t forget to keep the commandment to keep the Sabbath and visit another church and bring back ideas for our ministries.    


And remember  we still have to keep the lights on, use the AC, pay a water bill, mow the lawn, pay salaries, etc over the summer.    If you are out and about and not making it to church please feel free to maintain your pledge by adding extra when you do make it to Zion or by mailing in your check or by joining our e-giving option.    


Thank you from our Finance committee





Mid-Week Prayer Service Continues


Each Wednesday at 11:30am, Pastor Kim conducts a mid-week prayer service at Butternut and Blue.    We read scriptures for Sunday and  talk about them, then we pray.    All are welcome. 


* * * * * * * *


Summer Worship


     Summer is here!  Going to be out and about on a Sunday?  Don't forget our early worship service at 8:45am.    Lasts half an hour and then you can be on your way. 



Worship Committee

     Summer brings lovely new green paraments to Zion.    They come to us as a gift:  thanks to Peggy Bell for finding the material and supplies and to Jeanne Hagerman whose wonderful talents created them which was truly a labor of love.    In addition, Jeanne giving us her planning, cutting, and sewing that is all part of Jeanne’s art, her friend, Jamie Brown, embroidered the crosses on the paraments for us as yet another gift to Zion.    Thank you, Peggy, for purchasing the necessary materials.    Thank you, Jeanne, for giving us the gift of your time and talent.   Thank you, Jamie, for giving us your lovely embroidery.    We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. 

With gratitude and appreciation for all that you are and all that you have done and continue to do for Zion. 






Sunday School Observes a Summer Schedule


We are giving our Sunday School teachers a well deserved summer break.    


If you are looking for some stimulating Biblically oriented conversation join us for our summer book studies. 


July 24 at 4 pm in the fellowship hall we will discuss Dr. Father Henri Nouwen's book "A Letter of Consolation:  Finding Faith in a time of Sorrow".    This book is based on the letters he sent his father after the death of his mother.    Beautifully walks us through grief and loss and where is God in the midst of it.    Books are available in the church office or from Pastor Kim.    They are $10 each.    Place your check in the offering plate and write for summer book study in the memo line.    Read the whole book prior to our meeting and bring your questions and comments. 


August 20 at 4pm in the fellowship hall we will discuss Dr.   Father Henri Nouwen's book "The Wounded Healer".    Again its short but its sweet and filled with depth and meaning about how we can take our tragedies and woundedness and after our healing, develop hope-filled ways to serve others.   The books at $10 and read the whole book prior to our meeting and bring your questions and  comments.    


Why is it called 'Messy Church'?

Posted by Lucy Moore on 17 Sep 2015

It's been a while since I explained why Messy Church is called Messy Church.   And anyway, we find out more about it as a name the more we go on with it, so perhaps there'll be something novel for everyone here. 

Firstly, the 'Messy' part: the incongruous word 'messy' is saying that God is interested in people and families who are 'messy' rather than perfect; that Jesus spent time with outsiders, 'sinners' and social misfits more happily than with the orderly Pharisees, some of whom seemed to live neatly by the rule book and didn't appear to need God as urgently as the 'outsiders'.   The Church has an image problem in that we sometimes communicate a slightly pious and judgmental 'you must be perfect to approach God' message.   Think of the number of families who have been told to 'behave better' in church services.   (As if that mattered in the supposedly happy household of God's people).   But Messy Church says 'We're all messy, our lives aren't perfect, our families and children aren't perfect and we believe the best space for God to deal with us in our messiness and disorder is in church.   Come and join us.  '

It also describes the creative, exploratory nature of how we worship there.   And the brand name is becoming increasingly recognized by those outside the Church, so it makes sense to benefit from the good PR rather than reinvent a name of your own.   Though that is always an option, where a church council vetoes all mission simply because of the name.  .  . 

To be safe and extreme in the messiness, teams actually need to be hyper-organised and work together with military precision, so 'messy' does not apply to many teams that we've heard of: the words efficient, detailed and thorough are more appropriate. 

The 'Messy' approach also says something about a willingness to lose power, to let go of control.   The messy approach lets God's Spirit blow where he will, lets learning happen that doesn't rely on teaching and enjoys discipleship growing spontaneously as well as strategically. 

If it's any help, I've not heard yet of a church that destroyed their church building through getting messy in it.   There might be the odd blocked vacuum cleaner though. 

And 'Church' is because it is church for those who belong to it.   If it's done as a mere outreach event, that's all it may be, but if the team believe it's church and treat it as church, there will be all the opportunities for encounter with God, fellowship, worship and learning that are part of the better models of inherited church too.   Messy Communion? Yes, it happens.   Messy baptism and confirmation? Yes indeed.   The model has plenty of space for the local values of a church to be celebrated.   The higher our expectations, the more space there is for God to work. 

If we just see Messy Church as a stepping stone into traditional church, it will never reach its full potential and risks falling into the historic mistakes of segregation and a hierarchy of 'proper churchiness', which will not help us grow disciples of all ages in the present climate and culture. 

It isn't the only way of being church, but it certainly is a valid and tried-and-tested model that sits well in the family of congregations of a local church and can be nurtured there. 

'Messy' doesn't work in German - it means an old man who is a compulsive hoarder and lives in a slightly smelly dusty moldy house full of rancid newspapers so the Germans have gone for 'Die U-Kirche' instead (Surprise Church).  .  .   The French Canadians have gone for 'L'eglise pele-mele' which is rather fun.    The Icelanders have chosen 'Kirkjubrall' and the Welsh have the rather snazzy 'Llan Llanast'.    The Dutch versions include 'Kliederkerk' and the Norwegian one went for 'Kreativ Kirke'.   Doubtless more will join the family in due course, sharing that joyful creativity that so many churches are enjoying.   It'll be messy.   And that's just fine. 





Vitality Comings and Goings


      Summer is upon us at Zion.    We are all wonderfully busy with graduation events, Kits for Conference, our 10 year Food Pantry Celebration and usually our water collection (1000 bottles!) for Stars and Stripes.   After much discussion, we have decided to forgo collecting water this year as we will not have a presence at the Stars and Stripes.   The committee is aware that each event has to be wisely chosen and evaluated each time.   We feel that the time has come to focus on other events. 
     One of those events is the 10th Year Celebration of the Food Pantry on July 20th.   Everyone is invited to join us.  .  .  to help cook and eat! We will have a sign-up sheet out soon with our food requests.   Come and celebrate with us!
     As we look towards the fall, join us for our Police, EMS and Firefighter  Appreciation Days, Blessing of the Animals, and Trunk or Treat to name a few! And then the month of December! Bake Sales and the Living Nativity will keep us busy. 

     Remember, all of Zion is a member of the Vitality Committee.  .  .  .  we need  your energy, your ideas, your wisdom.  .  .  .  we need each of you! Thanks for all of your help!

Vitality Committee, Carolyn Messer, Chair


Vitality Schedule for 2017 Meetings


July 20              -      10-year anniversary food                       pantry celebration      

September 9      -      208 Trail Sale, UMW leads

September 17    -      Police Appreciation Day                        (Deliver on September 18)

October 1          -      Blessing of the Animals

October 15        -      Firemen Appreciation Day                     (Deliver on October 16)

October 29        -      Trunk or Treat, 4-6pm

December 2      -      Spotsylvania Parade and                        Bake Sale - 1:00 pm

December 17    -      Living Nativity - 5-7pm


Sincerely,  Carolyn Messer, Vitality Team


Micah Ministries

     The breakfast on May 29 was a big success and great fellowship.    We had 19 Zion family members that either donated money for supplies, donated food, prepared food, did shopping, gave their time to help setup, serve or cleanup.    Some came on their day off for the first time.   Some brought their parents that were visiting from South Carolina.    Some brought their grandson.    Thank you everyone!  We had 23 homeless guests.    It is always an opportunity for great fellowship.    And the VFW Post Commander Ti stopped by to meet everyone.   

     Commander Ti  announced that the VFW Post (at the Falmouth Bridge) sponsors a fundraiser dinner the last Saturday of each month at 6pm for donations only.    They have recently included a live music group for entertainment.    I urge your support of this VFW Post dinner.    I know they do need to replace a refrigerator that recently broke down. 

     Our next Micah breakfast is July 31, 2017. 


Linda Struebing, Micah Breakfast Coordinator


Trustees Report


      We accomplished in April/May 2017: installed new fire extinguishers in sanctuary, kitchen and fellowship hall; Spotsylvania Courthouse HVA repaired the leak to the sanctuary air conditioner; tables were numbered, when borrowing, (please record number of table on sign out list on the refrigerator); new locks installed on classroom entrance and fellowship hall doors; grass cut as needed; replaced outside light bulbs; stripped and waxed kitchen and hallway floors.   

     We sponsored a spring cleanup week and Saturday lunch, included:  washed windows above doors in sanctuary, pulled weeds, trimmed shrubs, raked flower gardens, cleaned gutter, sprayed poison ivy in flower garden, cleaned oven and microwave, cleaned windows in kitchen, classrooms, and fellowship hall, cleared out wood, cut cemetery grass, refinish benches, power wash sidewalks, removed debris from playground, spread mulch in playground, moved parking lot marker in to place.    Thank you to everyone that assisted the Trustees with the cleanup and some that did not sign up but showed up and helped that day.    Thank you volunteers with preparation of the food and thank you, Corey, for grilling the burgers.    Our next cleanup week will be in the Fall. 

Linda Struebing, Trustees Chair


Historical Presentation


     On June 3, Dennis Gallahan prepared an excellent historic presentation taking us back to the days of the civil war.   Dennis gave the love offering that was collected towards Zion's roof/hvac fund.   Thank you Dennis. 

      We have acquired county approval for the building permit for the storage building to begin.   It's a very exciting time.    Thank you Walter Rawls for your consistent contacts with the county and following through with their additional requests. 


Linda Struebing, Trustees Chair






Food for Thought


Joyce Fairbanks


     It’s always seems to make life a little bit better when you smile.    Not too long ago, my son, Brad, and I were sitting in the surgical waiting room at Mary Washington Hospital.    All of a sudden, over the loud speaker in the ceiling, came the children’s tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  ” I started  looking around for a child playing with a musical toy.    There were no children.    Finally, my son told me that every time a new baby was born at the hospital, they played that song.    From then on each time I heard it I couldn’t help but smile.    The thought of a brand new baby coming into the world was so joyful.    I prayed for that baby that it would be healthy and whole and the mother would be doing fine as well.    There were 5 babies born that particular day. 

     I urge you to look around and see or hear the things that make you smile.    A compliment, a song, a glorious rainbow, the smile on someone else’s face, a photograph, little children at play, the ocean or the mountains--whatever it is for you and just remember to SMILE.    A cheerful smile is good medicine for the heart. 


     Congratulations Brad Fairbanks, son of Joyce and Doug Fairbanks, was selected

by the Rotary Club of Manassas to receive the “Responder of the Year” award.    Brad is a

Firefighter/EMT with the city of Manassas. 


Newsletter Deadline Information


     Please note the newsletter deadlines below:

August 10                   September/October

October 10                  November/December

December 10               January/February

February 10                 March/April

April 10                       May/June

June 10                        July/August


     All information/articles for the newsletters should be submitted to the church office by the dates noted above.    Thanks. 




Usher Schedule


July 2             Tim Alger, Rebecca Alger

July 9             Terry Blalock, Jim Craig

July 16           Cherie Sweazey, Dianne Williams

July 23           Dale Rauch, Sue Rauch

July 30           Connie Stepahin, Amanda Deshler

August 6        Clark Thomas, Jim Craig

August 13      Carol Rawls, Walter Rawls     

August 20      Tim Alger, Amy Reichert

August 27      Cherie Sweazey, Dianne Williams



Counter  Schedule


July 2             Arlene Crislip, Maynard Rumuly

July 9             Terry Blalock, Walter Rawls

July 16           Bill Crislip, Glenda Payne

July 23           Donna Lloyd, Stacy Payne

July 30           Vivien Richardson, Sue


August 6        Margaret Rumuly, Dianne                                Williams

August 13      Arlene Crislip, Maynard Rumuly

August 20      Terry Blalock, Walter Rawls

August 27      Bill Crislip, Glenda Payne






Acolyte/Bible Bearer Schedule


July 2             Corey Payne, Glenda Payne

July 9             Joshua Alger, Glenda Payne

July 16           Eva Alger, Glenda Payne

July 23           Joshua Alger, Glenda Payne

July 30           Eva Alger, Glenda Payne

August 6        Corey Payne, Glenda Payne

August  13     Joshua Alger, Glenda Payne

August 20      Corey Payne, Glenda Payne

August 27      Eva Alger, Glenda Payne


Nursery Schedule


July 2             Christine Braxton

July 9             Connie Stepahin

July 16           Stacy Payne

July 23           Betty Gelfuso

July 30           Christine Braxton

August 6        Connie Stepahin

August13       Stacy Payne

August 20      Betty Gelfuso

August 27      Christine Braxton



Mission and Ministry Calendars




2          -           Worship, 8:45am; No Sunday School; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am

2-8       -           FredCamp, 2--8 July

3-7                   Pastor Kim- El Salvador Mission Trip

3          -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

4          -           INDEPENDENCE  DAY

6          -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

7          -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm

8          -           RACSB, 10am-noon;

9          -           Worship, 8:45am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am;                                                                      Trustees Meeting After Worship

10        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

11        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm; Vitality Meeting, 6:30pm

12        -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue; Revival Study, 6pm

13        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm; Admin Council, 6pm

14        -           RACSB, 10am-noon; Revival Study, 9:30am

16        -           Worship, 8:45am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am

17        -           Quilters, 10am-3m

18        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

19        -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

20        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm; Food Pantry, 4-6pm-10 Year Recognition

21        -           RACSB, 10am-2pm; Revival Study, 9:30am

23        -           Worship, 8:45am;; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am ; Book Group, 4pm,

                        Fellowship Hall --A Letter of Consolation:  Henri Nouwen, $10

24        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm; Discuss Dr. Rather Henri Nouwen's book "A Letter of  Consolation",                        Fellowship Hall, 4pm; Fundraiser, Harry's Ale House, Harrison Crossing Shopping Center

25        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

26        -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

 27       -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm

28        -           RACSB, 10am-noon

28-29   -           Mission Encounter,, Bon Air UMC

30        -           Worship, 8:45am;; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am

31        -           Micah Breakfast, 7:00am-8:30am

July 31 -

August 4         Pastor Kim at continuing education event
















1          -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

2          -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

3          -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm

4          -           RACSB, 10am-noon

6          -           Worship, 8:45am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am

7          -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

8          -           Quilters, 10am-3pm; Vitality Meeting, 6:30pm

9          -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

10        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm; Admin Council, 6pm

11        -           RACSB, 10am-noon; School Dressing Days at LDS Church on Bragg Road

12        -           School Dressing Days at LDS Church on Bragg Road

13        -           Worship, 8:45am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am;Trustees Meeting After                                 Worship

14        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

15        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm; UMW Meeting, 6:30pm

16        -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

17        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm; Food Pantry, 4-6pm

18                    RACSB, 10am-noon

20        -           Worship, 8:45am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am; Discuss Dr. Father Henri

                        Nouwen's Book "The Wounded Healer",  4pm, Fellowship Hall

21        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

22        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

23        -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

24        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm

25        -           RACSB, 10am-noon

27        -           Worship, 8:45am; Choir Rehearsal, 10:15am; Worship, 11am

28        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

29        -           Quilters, 10am-3pm

30        -           RACSB 10am-1:30pm; Prayer Service, 11:30am, Butternut and Blue

31        -           RACSB, 10:30am-2pm